Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Painting Stairwell

Finally after years of being put on the long finger, James and I both had two days free this week to paint the stairwell and upstairs hall. We have been in this house 11 years, and this is the last section of the house to get a paintjob. One of the most difficult things though was finding a place to stack the contents of the stairwell bookshelves -- books, administration binders, photo albums and lots of homeless miscellaneous items!  The best place for them was the floor in the living room.  Well, we could have used an extra day, but I am working in the office tomorrow and we are having friends up for cocktails on Friday, so it will all be put back in order well before Friday.

Here is the empty stairwell, before painting.  The railing going up to the attic is now white but needs another coat of paint, a semi-gloss, but that will just have to wait till another day!