Wednesday, 2 May 2018

sausage, bread & potato stuffing

It had been many years since I indulged, but I had a hankering for rolled stuffed pork last week. My local butchers are great and they make their own stuffing, taking time to roll the pork and wrap it with pork skin as I wait and chat with the brothers (a family butcher). However, though the dinner was delicious, the verdict from my family was that the stuffing was not as good as my own, passed down to me by my Mum, and passed to her by her father.

I have heard of sage stuffing, sausage stuffing, bread stuffing and potato stuffing. This recipe (if recipe you call it, as everything is just eyeballed) combines everything and is so good! I usually use about 4 large potatoes (boiled & mashed), 2-3 chopped onions, several cups of breadcrumbs, 4 cooked & chopped sausages, 4 slices cooked & chopped bacon, lots of pepper, lots of sage (if you have fresh dried, crumble a bunch in your hands). Add some salt and/or poultry seasoning if you like. The stuffing should have a wonderful aroma when mixed all together, even before it is cooked.

Though universal health recommendations are against actually stuffing your bird, I really can't imagine not doing this. Just make sure you weigh the stuffing before putting it in the bird (or pork) and take into account this extra weight when calculating the cooking time. If you don't want to stuff the meat you are using, put the stuffing in an oiled oven dish and add broth/turkey juice while cooking. I do this with leftover stuffing if I've made too much.

Oh yes, this stuffing is delicious! When cooked in a dish there are more crusty parts on the outside, but nothing beats the flavour of the stuffing as it is meant to be. In smaller amounts this is also a great stuffing for chicken. Enjoy!

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