Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Last week I found myself in Galway during the Arts Festival -- much surprised that I was able to get a place to stay at the last minute (my daughter is in the Connemara Gaeltacht an hour a way from Galway and begged for a parental visit!). Although I have been to Galway a number of times, I hadn't been to the festival since 1988. The weather was great, and it was a short and pleasant walk to the centre of town from the b&b in Salthill. One of the first things to catch my attention was a potter's market in the green area in front of this building with a mural on it. I was hoping for a food market as I was hungry, so didn't spend too much time exploring the potter's stalls.

Galway was hopping!

From a distance I thought this public sculpture by John Coll was a religious sculpture marking a church (St. John perhaps?). As I got closer I saw the boat and suspected the bird was an albatross so it more likely is to be associated with Galway Bay which it overlooks.

After finding a bite to eat (during which there was a rain shower) I made my way to Eyre Square (aka John F. Kennedy Park). I hadn't notice the Browne Doorway on previous visits to Galway. The doorway was taken from a mansion ruin and relocated to Eyre Square in 1905.

Also in Eyre Square is the steel fountain sculpture created by Eamon O'Doherty. The form of the sculpture recalls Galway hooker sailing ships.

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