Sunday 6 January 2013

Ready, steady, go!

One of my xmas presents to my husband was Austin Kleon's book Steal Like an Artist (link in sidebar), which both of us read very quickly and were inspired by. For the new year I decided I would follow some of his recommendations. I have been making sketchbooks for friends and family for about 20 years, so finally decided to gift myself one I made a few years ago. I always find it daunting to start a new sketchbook, especially one which seems like a precious object, but I will start it this week! I have also started a point-form journal -- it's a French date book which was picked up in the local recycling centre. It has fabulous pictures from around the world and I am actually able to translate the textual blurbs with what French I have.

I am also getting myself more involved in the outside world (I'm a bit of a creative hermit) but more of that next posting!

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