Wednesday 25 September 2013


My daughter and husband were both away recently (James giving bronze casting demonstrations at a museum in West Cork, Elise at a sleepover) which gave me a chance to make a start on my triptych.

It has progressed since the above picture was taken and I realise the freaky tree (based on a tree in a park in Prague) is having a "fauvish" effect on me. I am almost positive it is going to turn red by time I am finished with it! My daughter has been asking me what I meant, and good old google helped me explain Fauvism.

In my head I could see red trees, and finally found the painting my brain was referring to: André Derain's "The Turning Road, L'Estaque" from 1906. I first became familiar with Derain's work while on my first art school visit to New York back in 1980 (I think). I would have to admit, his work has been quietly influential on my work! Here is another Derain: "The Effect of Sun on the Water, London".

 "Les Fauves" translates as "wild beasts" and the main proponents of Fauvism are Henri Matisse and André Derain. There were of course other artists in that movement which lasted about ten years at the turn of the last century. Matisse did several versions of "The Dance" but this is the one I prefer.

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