Wednesday 5 November 2014

Canvas Panels

As well as the enjoyment I get from looking at works of art when visiting art galleries and museums, I am always mindful of the way things are presented. It is interesting to examine the relationship between a piece of artwork and the architecture it is within, how it is hung on the wall, if it is framed or unframed and what might be the reasons for the way in which it is presented. It is liberating to me when I see artworks hung in atypical ways and sometimes that inspires me to come out of my usual way of working (i.e., painting on stretched canvas).

I think it was in the spring of this year that I decided to make use of leftover strips of canvas by sewing them together with loops at the top to facilitate future hanging. Here is the composite canvas hanging out to dry after I washed it, I had plans for it, a Fever Afterimages painting, but I wanted to do some monoprints and small paintings first (which I did -- images on previous posts!).

Yesterday I did an ironing job on the composite canvas and (with the assistance of my husband) hung it up on the studio wall. I am still not ready to start painting, as I want to put some texture on it, and also may have a few tiny works to do, but soon, soon...

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