Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fractured City - painting finished!

As I posted in early February that I was going to paint a cityscape on the large composite canvas, I got to work on it! Here it is in the early stages with the composition blocked out.

I applied metal leaf at an early stage of the painting.

I really enjoyed painting this cityscape, for the most part quite loosely. There is some randomness in the way the drips reacted around the various bits of texture which I had applied before getting into the swing of painting (newsprint, cloth, string, rough burlap and metal leaf). You can see some of this in the detail -- here is a detail from the bottom right corner of the painting.

This is a detail from the mid-left side of the painting.

This detail shows some of the rough burlap texture in the sky area.

This is the finished painting: Fractured City, mixed media on canvas, approx 122 cm x 169 cm, 2015.

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