Wednesday 29 July 2015

Airport Art

On my recent trip to the US and Canada, I welcomed the chance to spend some time with some airport art on arrival and departure!

At Chicago's O'Hare airport I was delighted to use this moving walkway, the installation of changing lights, "Sky's the Limit" by Michael Hayden, making it a great experience. I used this walkway on a previous visit to the US, but couldn't figure out where it had gotten to on my last visit. Turns out I wasn't flying United on my last visit and O'Hare is a big airport - this walkway is for traffic between two sections of United Airways terminal.

I had a few hours between flights so I was in no hurry, and enjoyed going back and forth on the moving walkway.

The first time I encountered this installation, I could hear Brian Eno music and thought it was part of the installation, but this time jazz was playing.

At Toronto's Pearson International Airport this Richard Serra sculpture, "Tilted Spheres", is another pleasant experience.

Again, I had a few hours to spare, waiting for my flight, so I got to engage with the acoustics -- sound is amplified so that people beyond the sculpture can hear what people within the sculpture are saying (or, as when walking under a bridge, barking...)

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