Wednesday 27 January 2016

Pasta Machine Printer

 Before xmas one of my classmates told me about pasta machines being used as small presses for printmaking and I was intrigued! A google search gives you all the information you need, it's really very simple: the pasta machine acts as a press for small works. Follow all the usual steps for printing. Here felt is cut to size for the pasta machine.

Paper must also be cut to size.

Soak the paper and blot dry. The time for soaking varies depending on the weight of the paper. It should be damp through for printing.

Use a perspex or glass surface for spreading ink.

Roll out the ink evenly before rolling onto your printing plate. I was using an engraved copper plate as the test. Once the ink is rolled on the plate, it must be wiped off leaving the ink in the engraved lines on the plate.

 A felt, paper backing (so felt does not get dirty from the plate), plate, printing paper, felt sandwich is fed through the press. The whole sandwich is then caught at the bottom. My pasta machine needs to be modified a bit at the base, so that the plate sandwich does not get stuck between the table and the machine when making its exit.

Some experimentation is needed -- I started off on the most open setting (7) and there was not enough pressure on the plate.

I moved down to setting 3 and there was too much pressure, hence the crease in the paper. Though it is not as easy as I expected, I will do some more work on it -- I am pleased though with my new press!

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