Wednesday 13 April 2016

Mellifont Abbey & Monasterboice

During the Easter holidays, we took a family mini-road trip to the Boyne Valley area, and stayed in Drogheda for two nights. On our last day we headed slightly north of the city to see the beautiful Mellifont Abbey and Monasterboice. I had seen these sites before, in 1978, when visiting Ireland on holiday but have not had the chance to see them again since, so I was happy.

This would have been the gateway to the Abbey.

 I didn't remember Mellifont Abbey being such a large site.

The "lavabo" is the building where the monks would have washed up before meals.

Monasterboice, the cemetery and church dedicated to the obscure saint -- St. Buit -- contains two of the best examples of Irish high crosses. This is the larger of the two, and I am wondering if there has been some reconstruction as the base seems more eroded than the rest of it.

As you can see, it was also a gorgeous day - and a round tower to boot! (to Buit?)

There is also a very old sundial in the cemetery. Gorgeous!

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