Wednesday 28 March 2018

Iceland 3

Though it seems like ages ago now (the beginning of the month), I am still amazed by my memory of Strokkur at Geysir.

One of the many wonders of Iceland, Strokkur is such an active geyser. It spouts every few minutes, eliciting the wow response each time! Absolutely amazing too, is the clear blue sky.

As the geyser was gearing up to spout, one could actually view the ground seeithing and bubbling. Just a split second before blowing, a huge bubble would form and reflect the blue sky. Needless to say, this part of the process is near impossible to photograph -- just put the camera down and enjoy (and buy the fridge magnet at the airport that shows the bubble).

The whole area of Geysir is steaming. It reminded me of "the Dead Marshes" from Lord of the Rings (perhaps Tolkien's inspiration?).

The original geyser isn't actively spouting anymore, but the hole in the ground is still steaming.

After our visit to Geysir, it is only about a ten minute drive to Gulfoss ("Golden Falls"). Did I mention that it was cold? The falls weren't completely frozen, but there was a lot of ice...

Gulfoss is a terracing falls, and incredibly gorgeous. Some crazy person went beyond the barrier to get a closer look (you can see the tracks in the snow). I believe you can traverse footpaths in the summer months, but with the cold and the wind in early March, seeing the falls from a distance is enough.

From any large waterfalls in the wind, one always gets a spray, but here the spray was ice particles, so we were feeling a bit sandblastted. Did I mention that it was cold? Gorgeous regardless.

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