Wednesday 22 August 2018

Antibes: Fort Carré

Since seeing this painting of Fort Carré by Nicolas de Stael in the Picasso Museum Antibes I have been enamoured by the painting, Fort Carré, and Nicolas de Stael!

De Stael's painting is from his view of the fort and the sea from where he lived in Antibes during the last year of his life. My usual view of the fort on the promontory is past Port Vauban from the balcony of the apartment where I usually stay while in Antibes.

Since I intend to paint Fort Carré myself, I decided that while I was in Antibes this year I would walk to the fort and take a closer look.

The walk is about a half hour from the apartment through an environmentally protected parkland. Winding through the park, I had views of Nice and the maritime alps to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south (above) and Antibes to the east (below - nestled between the trees).

The fort is on the top of the hill. It was lovely to walk around the building and see the sharp 

and shapely architecture.

My original intention was to go on a tour of the inside, but the heat was getting to me and then I could see all the staircases from the entrance. I have not been so great on my feet these past few years, so the idea of going up and down stairs made the decision to turn back easy!

I totally enjoyed looking at the architecture from the outside and from a closer view than the balcony! 

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