Wednesday 21 November 2018

Barcelona 3

My last day in Barcelona was spent at the Fondacion Joan Miro. I was never a huge fan of Miro, but after spending a few hours immersed in his work and personality, I am a willing convert! As the Fondacion is on Montjuic and we took the funicular there, our first stop was the café to get our bearings. In the café several of Miro's large ceramic cones were on view and oversaw our snack. The sense of playfulness in Miro's work was immediate and welcome.

Although we could not enter this courtyard from the Fondacion, we could view the colourful piece from a variety of places.

The Fondacion also held a number of works by artists who were involved in Miro's life. I was particularly impressed by Alexander Calder's "Mercury Fountain".

The fountain was safely behind glass, but it was a pleasure to view the movement of the mercury, slower, more luminous, and more deadly than water.

The architecture of the Fondacion not only showed off the artwork of Miro, but the surrounding city itself.

The view from Montjuic is exquisite, and one can only gaze with this sculpture fountain on the terrace at beautiful Barcelona below.

I especially loved this expressionist triptych, which to me was so different from any Miro work with which I was familiar.

I did not know that Miro was experimenting with materials and meaning through attacking the canvas and exposing the structure. There was film footage of Miro working on this and other works in the series (i.e, aggressively mutilating and burning painted canvases) available for viewing on another floor of the Fondacion. I found this stunning!

There was a huge, colourful woven piece that could be viewed from both downstairs and from a second floor balcony. I was delighted to see that it was a true collaboration, signatures of Miro and Royo both appeared on the enormous tapestry.

One large gallery had a variety of bronzes created from found objects,

colourful monumental pieces and paintings.

There is a rooftop terrace that allows plenty of space for individual works

and their form and colour seems to belong in the sunshine. I highly recommend a visit to the Fondacion Joan Miro to anyone. It is a beautiful museum and the colourful, experimental work of this master is invigorating.

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