Tuesday 22 August 2023

Venue Migration!

Hi All,

Just thought I would include the link to the new venue for Culture, Craft and Cooking: https://whelanlorraine.substack.com/

I've been here since 2013 and have seen my stats nosedive in recent months/years as Blogger has steadily and stealthily removed features that made my blog findable and readable...

So I am hoping that with this shake up and change of venue my blog might reach more people. While Substack implies that a subscription is something you pay for, indeed it is not - my blog is free to whoever may find it interesting! There is an option for future payments but I have turned that off in my settings, so you can read and look at things without harassment.

So, goodbye Blogger and hello Substack. Culture, Craft and Cooking will be the same there as it was here. I even managed to move the entire archives over! 

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