Wednesday 3 June 2020

raspberry smash cocktail

I have long since considered raspberries as the quintessential fruit of the gods, so they are always welcome! The beautiful and delicious berries herald the summer and I especially adore the ones from our nearby grower in July. But until then, I will enjoy the imports from Spain and Portugal at every opportunity.

It was recently my child's 18th birthday and cocktails were requested to celebrate! We complied with raspberry smashes one day and mojitos for the virtual picnic party. A lot of cocktails require a sugar syrup, so it is best make this in advance and have ready in the fridge.

Just over a week from my child's birthday, was the 18th birthday of my friend's daughter. A request was made for the rasberry smash recipe - I had already planned the gift of ingredients and recipe card, so this was an easy wish to grant.

I made a recipe card:

I am not sure about my friend's daughter, but my 18 year old prefers the non-alcoholic cocktail, where ginger ale replaces the gin. The carbonation of the ginger ale makes it look a little different (the drink on the right); regardless, these cocktails are extremely delicious and summery...

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