Wednesday 28 April 2021

Incognito 2021 complete!

Every year, I think since 2013, I have taken part in the Incognito fundraiser for the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation. This foundation provides in-home and respite care for young children with neuro-developmental issues and their families. The premise of the fundraiser is that the artist creates up to three images on specific sized cards and only signs the back of the card; all cards have the same price-tag, regardless of who created them (well-known artists and public personalities take part, as well as lesser-known people!); the identity of the maker is only revealed when the sale is done.

This is the second year, because of covid19, that the fundraiser was an online affair. Works were available to preview for several weeks before the sale and potential buyers would register in advance to take part in the sale.

Leading up to the sale, there was a fair bit of online promotional activity, and I also took part in this by posting screenshots of some of the pages that included my work.

I tend to either use print proofs or painting sketches of whatever I happen to be working on at the time.
This past year I have been working on a number of prints related to my body of work, Memory Is My Homeland, so it was a simple enough matter for me to affix several tests of my linoprints onto the Incognito cards. If you are familiar with my work, follow this blog, or follow me on other social media, you will easily pick out my black and white linoprint tests in these three screenshots.

At this point, the artist names have all been revealed on the website. The exhibition sold out and raised €188,000 for Jack & Jill which is the value of 11,000 nursing hours to ill children! Congratulations everyone! 

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