Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Ceramics Ireland 2021 exhibition

 In a further exploration of reopening places, I visited the gorgeous Rathfarnham Castle a few weeks ago in order to see the annual selected members of Ceramics Ireland group exhibition. As with other larger indoor public spaces (Rathfarnham Castle is managed by the OPW) I booked my viewing time and had a leisurely stroll through the exhibition.

I forgot to take down the names of specific exhibitors! The prices and names were on small labels next to each piece. There was such a huge variety of work, and it was wonderful to see such creativity in the ceramics. I was quite taken with this person's work - they had several pieces that employed wire and other attachments (before or after firing?) to create vessels that exuded ephemerality.

There was a lot of work in the exhibition but each piece had space around it to allow contemplation.

The grand, deteriorated rooms of Rathfarnham Castle provided a sumptuous backdrop for the work laid out on uniformly sparse tables.

This small, delicate, sculptural piece of paper-thin porcelain seemed to whisper elegance into the room.

Another view of the work in the largest room - the dining room of the Elizabethan fortified home.

I thought the matte glazing on these three cylindrical vessels very lovely and understated, and here is another of the ceramic and wire pieces that I was really drawn to.

I enjoyed the way this ceramic artist use the forms of these vessels as a surface on which to paint the human form.

The glazing techniques used on these urns placed them in my mind along with ancient amphorae.

I am not sure if this was done by the same ceramic artist who created the two urns above (shame on me for not noting artist names!) but the seemingly random squiggles in the glazing is gorgeous! The exhibition has finished for this year, but it is one to watch out for as it is an annual event at Rathfarnham Castle.

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